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 Sunrooms is a Supplier and Installer of Sunrooms, Patio Rooms and Sun Room Additions for

Our sunrooms remain cooler in summer and are warmer in winter because of their fully welded vinyl frame construction,
mitered corners, and continuous weather stripping. Our vinyl windows and doors cut down the outside noise by 50%.

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OMEGA-2 Vinyl System with Smart Glass 60 & 90 vs. Alumium

  • 4 times Less Heat Gain - Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter
  • 4 Times More Insulation than Our closest Competitors Glass
  • 5 Times Less Ultra Violet Helps to Prevent Furniture Damage
  • Longest Rated Dual Glass Seal [120 Years] - Helps to Prevents Mold
  • Omega-2 Smart Glass 90 Dual Roof Glass has 5 Times less Heat Gain
    Blocks 83% of the UV - 50% Less Glare - helps Eliminate Condensation
  • 1 btu Loss per hour compared to Aluminums 1,100 btu Loss per hour

DURA-LITE Glass is Standard in our Windows, Doors & Roofs

  • 8 Times Stronger with 2 Times more Clarity than Residential Glass
  • 10 Times More Scratch Resistant than Acrylic & Virtually Indestructable
  • A Lifetime Dura-Lite Glass Guarantee - Is Much Safer for Your Family

TUFF-CORE Comes Standard for All Rooms

  • Expanded Polystyrene is the Same Material used in Freezers & Coolers
  • Tuff-Core 3" Wall has the Equivalent Insulation of a 72" Thick Brick Wall
  • Tuff-Core is Maintanence Free - Flexible - Durable and Moisture resistant
  • Tuff-Core is Scratch and Ding resistant and is Nearly Indestructable

Factory Micro-Assembled Walls Make for Easier Homeowner & Handyman Installs


Source: US News & World Report

Sky Lights  94%
Kitchen Remodel  90%
Bathroom  80%
Wood Decking  80%
Adding Insulation  77%
Windows & Doors  75%
Swimming Pools  33%

Sunrooms & Patio Rooms come with a Lifetime Factory Warranty.

Source: First Financial Funding

Project Description:
12’ by 16, Sunroom off the Kitchen, Dining or Living Rooms, Including Foundation, Insulated, Tinted Glass, Windows and Complete Electrical

12’ by 16’ Sunroom
Cost Resale Return
$ 29,800 $ 32,780 110%

12’ by 16’ Room Addition
Cost Resale Return
 $ 54,000 $ 38,880 72%

Omega 2 Vinyl Room Systems are Superior to a Standard Room Additions & a Fraction of the Cost.

Most Room Additions take Months to complete and require dozens of Inspections, while a Sunrooms Only take Days and needs just one Inspection.

Sunrooms have Pre-Approved ICBO Engineering supplied at No Charge, while Room Additions require Costly Engineering and could take Months to Approve.

Rooms uses C-Thru Industries Products - The Best in the Industry and Celebrating 60 Years of Quality Rooms.

C-Thru Rooms are Micro-Assembled and delivered to the Jobsite, ready to Install while Most Manufacturers deliver Components Only needing Assembly at the Jobsite, without the C-Thru Precision assembly at the Factory.

Our Vinyl Windows & Doors Lose just 1.3 BTU per Hour, while Our Competitors Aluminum Windows & Doors Lose a Whooping 1,446 BTU per hour 1,100 Times Greater LOSS.

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